One of the major tournaments for fighting games I learned about last year, Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament (normally just shortened to UFGT), really surprised me with how well it was organized. The tournaments were all starting and running on time (which is something rarely seen), the stream was entertaining, there were a lot of giveaways for people attending the tournament as well as those watching online and they even had a mystery game tournament.

Anyway, UFGT8 is coming up soon! Being held from May 25th through the 27th in Chicago, Illinois. Not only is UFGT8 going to bring back the same level of tournament organization from last year, but they’re also adding some panels this year. Topics include how to build a local community, an introduction to the King of Fighters series, an analysis of defensive play (the panel for which is called “The Art of Lame”) and a panel on one of the biggest names in fighting game streaming, Team Spooky.

If you’re anywhere near Chicago, head out to UFGT8 later on this month. Even if you don’t want to compete, show up and watch! For more info, check out the website, linked here.