The patent dispute between Motorola and Microsoft seems to have caused some problems on the Microsoft side of things. Last week, we mentioned that Microsoft was facing a ban on the importing of Xbox 360s into the United States. While such a ban hasn’t yet been seen in North America, over in Europe, it has already become a reality. An injunction recently passed in Germany has banned the distribution of several Microsoft products in the country, which includes the Xbox 360. In addition to the video game console, Windows 7, Windows Media Player, and Internet Explorer have also been blocked from distribution.

In what seems to have been a well-anticipated move on their part, Microsoft last month moved its European distribution centre from Germany to the Netherlands, which avoided a huge amount of additional trouble for the company, but, of course, doesn’t solve the legal troubles. However, the U.S courts have decreed that Motorola is not allowed to enforce any action against Microsoft until the matter has seen further consideration, and given the size of the fees that Motorola is facing to keep its injunctions in place, it is likely that the two companies will reach a legal agreement sometime in the near future.

via [MCV]