Nintendo has announced several details about the upcoming DS game, Pokémon Conquest.  The title is an interesting take on the popular franchise, with a shift from traditional RPG to a strategy RPG combining ancient Japanese warriors and their Pokémon on the battlefield.

In Pokémon Conquest, the objective will be to stop a powerful Warlord named Nobunaga from taking over the Ransei region.  In order to complete this task, the player will have to conquer, and therefore unite, 17 different kingdoms.  Once these realms are united, a special legendary Pokémon will rise and will aid the player in their quest to stop Nobunaga.  The story will be broken into different episodes, with each featuring different Warlords to play as and different battle conditions for victory.

Defeated enemy Warlords and Pokémon can be recruited on the battlefield in order to grow a player’s army.  It will also be possible for the player to take advantage of the facilities in defeated regions to grow and strengthen their army, purchase items from shops and access mines in order to gain money.

Each Warlord in Pokémon Conquest has a special ability, such as healing all allies on the battlefield.  Additionally, every Warlord will have a Type. This will guide the pairings of human and Pokémon. Some Warlords will have many possible pocket monster allies to choose from.

The battlefields will also confer unique advantages and disadvantages.  For example, it will be easier for Water Type Pokémon to traverse a fire type stage. Pokémon Conquest will also feature many other stages that will require players to strategically pick their Pokémon types in order to gain the upper hand in combat. The last bit of news is that owners of Pokémon Conquest will have the ability to battle one another via the local wireless features of the Nintendo DS.

Pokémon Conquest is due out June 18th, 2012.  Those looking to experience Pokémon in a new way, or just happen to like Pokémon or strategy RPG games won’t want to miss out!

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