If you finished Saints Row: the Third and have been craving more after the downloadable content offerings, perhaps this news will come as a welcome surprise. THQ and Volition Inc. have announced a full expansion for the massively popular and deliciously over-the-top sandbox game. Titled Enter The Dominatrix, this expansion was initially thought to be an April Fool’s joke from THQ, however a press release issued today affirms that this is indeed going to see the light of day.

Set after the events in Saints Row: The Third, the story of Enter The Dominatrix concerns an alien warlord named Zinyak and his mission to invade earth and steal our natural resources and women. The big threat to this plan is the Third Street Saints, who have gone from their humble beginnings as a street gang to a conglomerate with powerful influence and formidable power. Sensing this might cause his plans to go awry, Zinyak kidnaps the leader of the Saints and forces them into a virtual reality world which is an altered version of Steelport. As the title and story would suggest, this expansion makes many a nod to The Matrix, hopefully with the dated “bullet time” parodies kept to a minimum.

The biggest addition in Enter The Dominatrix is something that fans have been asking for since day one; superpowers. No longer content with causing carnage with weapons and overpowered vehicles? Try using one of your powers to wreak even more carnage in the streets, or use them for the forces of good. Just like in the full game, you have the freedom to choose how you apply these skills and for what ends you use them for. The details on exactly what superpowers you will have, or what other additions have been made, are not yet confirmed.

Enter The Dominatrix is scheduled for release this fall on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC, at the suggested price of $29.99. The release date is projected to be sometime in the fall, and more details, including screenshots and gameplay details, will be released over the summer.