In news that might not be entirely unexpected, fan reaction to the announcement of ZeniMax’s recently revealed The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG has been mixed, with certain parties decrying the shift to a multiplayer game and away from the series’ single player roots over on Bethesda’s blog.

A Bethesda moderator posted a clarification regarding the future of IP, assuring commenters of the following:

“The teams working on these games are separate. Todd Howard’s team at BGS will keep doing the type of games they like making, and the ZeniMax Online team will focus on MMO games like this newly announced title.”

The Elder Scrolls Online faces an interesting challenge in the years ahead when it comes to meeting expectations. Firstly, it needs to win over the portion of the fan base who have already expressed their discontent at its conception. Secondly, remaining true to Bethesda’s design aesthetic may prove difficult when you consider that MMO’s generally need to be of lower graphical quality than single player games in order to attract the larger audiences and more casual players.

Opinions similar to that of user Darkstorne’s abound, leaving both ZeniMax and Bethesda with a rocky road ahead in order to appease and pacify loyal followers of the Elder Scrolls series.

Wow. I’m going to hold judgement until I see what the game has to offer, but wow. Way to go in completely missing the key theme of a game series.

Yep, a series renowned for making the player feel like the solitary hero in a sprawling immersive world, DEFINITELY needs a new game where the player is one of thousands of heroes running, jumping, bunny hopping across the land, shouting “n00bz I am teh 733t!!1!!1″

Please say this won’t indefinitely post-pone the release of the next real TES title, the way World of Warcraft has indefinitely put Warcraft 4 on hold.

In case you missed it, the teaser trailer for the MMORPG was also released today. Ah, the anticipation.


  1. Ehh, I can’t say is sparked much interest in me… but maybe I’m the wrong one to ask as MMOs bore me. 

  2. I think its more of the perspective the Elder scroll games give people, Here we have a open world game, with a highly detailed robust world. Then enter the MMO with a stereotype of cutting back on the graphics and game play in a effort to cram players into it.

  3. Thats right folks! ZeniMax online, the developing company thats never developed a game, is 
    taking the elder scrolls in a creative new direction that nobody asked for! Nobody from the 
    Bethesda elder scrolls team has anything to do with a game taking place in a world they’ve 
    been creating for over 15 years! 
    I get that ZeniMax is Bethesda’s publisher, but there is no way they can make an elder scrolls game, MMO or otherwise, with the depth and style Bethesda has been contributing for all these years. This game isn’t being made because ZeniMax has suddenly taken an interest in the creative and artistic aspects of the world of elder scrolls and really want to tell a story. Its because they saw how much money Skyrim made, and that MMO’s are the most lucrative game genre. They don’t even have to establish a style, Bethesda spent years establishing the lore for them. They’re just cashing in on their investment. Thats why this game will ultimately fail: not because its an MMO, but because ZeniMax online studios has no personal, creative, or artistic connection to this franchise. Bethesda is smart to get as far away from this eventual train wreck as possible.  

  4. No thanks ZeniMax, I’ll stick with the amazingness that is Skyrim, because it’ll never let me go… :)

  5. Can’t understand anyone being excited by this, unless they have a huge love of MMOs anyway of course. But for anyone that’s a fan of the series?

    “Hey, guess what, we’re going to take your favourite game, reduce the graphics to around the previous version’s standard and add loads of idiots screaming “n00b” in a wee box in the corner. Oh yeah, in order to play the game properly, you’ll have to speak to these idiots. Naaaah, don’t think of it as work, more erm, training for it. Do you get paid? lol, noooo, you pay US. Every month!”

    So I suppose I’ve given away that I don’t have a huge love of MMOs (only played Warhammer Online before). So no interest here, none I’ve heard from friends/other forums either. So unless I can be a mudcrab in an animals faction, I’m out.