RipTen’s favorite cosplayer and all around art guru Denise Kuan is back at her Munny-crafting ways.

We last featured Denise’s The Kid Munny back in February. Now, she’s debuting an equally-amazing Mass Effect related mini-Munny. Since Mordin is her favorite character, she decided to craft the Munny in his likeness. Good thing, too. Someone else might have gotten it wrong.

Implications... unpleasant.

She started off with a mini-Munny and cut the ears off to achieve the salarian head shape and made incisions in the hands. After sculpting the head and body, she sanded it off, focusing especially on the body to make sure that the head would retain the skin textures that she carved into it. To get the ridiculously straight lines and detail on Mordin’s outfit, she apparently went wild with painter’s tape rage.

After painting Mordin’s head, she finished off his eyes with nail polish to achieve a “high gloss” look.

At this point, most ordinary folk would be happy with their perfect little Mordin Munny, but not Denise. She has an eye for detail and a Mordin without datapad is sacrilege. She crafted a mini-data pad out of translucent stationary paper and Wonderflex, which she also used to finish off Mordin’s headgear.

You can check out the finished product below, or on her blog at THE-OCD. If you dig her work, follow her on Twitter @denisekuan or listen to her rave on her Mass Effect related podcast (with our Features Editor Stephanie Gutowski) at Relay2Relay.

For your viewing pleasure, we bring you a Mordin mini-Munny gallery. It’s also for science.