Promising that the PlayStation 4 would not be on display at this year’s E3 conference, many have been wondering just what Sony would reveal at its conference this year.  With PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale already demoed and LittleBigPlanet Karting known to exist for some time, just what could the company show to wow all of us jaded gamers expecting a middling expo?

Well Sony has recently stated they will reveal 20 new games at the show while also debuting the “future of gameplay.”  We can all pray that doesn’t mean a new PlayStation Move-esque peripheral, but 20 is certainly a healthy number of reveals to promise, along with over 200 kiosks for those to play on the show floor.  Though the company made no mention of how these will be split among its systems, hopefully this is a sign that the company has not given up on its Vita content and at least some of those games will be set for the poorly selling but worthwhile handheld.  I’ve been enjoying my time with Lumines: Electronic Symphony since launch, but I would love a new experience to be on the horizon other than the very promising looking Gravity Rush.

And though surely some of those titles will be disappointing (20 solid titles revealed at once would be a bit of an anomaly) or turn out to be years off – last year’s Star Trek reveal at the Sony conference isn’t planned for release until 2013 – this announcement has made me quite excited for this year’s conference.  My anticipation has been tepid at best for the show as a whole with the confirmation of no new consoles from Sony or Microsoft.  Yet if only a fraction of these titles are promising, this may well turn out to be a surprisingly exciting show.

via [Cinema Blend]


  1. Didn’t the original article claim “20 experiences” and not games. That’s a very important thing to note as there could be any number of games and some tech demos or titles that aren’t exactly games, rather, experiences (something akin to flower?). That said, at least they’re planning more than Microsoft seems to (with that article that said their presence will be more about services than games).