A recent EA investor call has mentioned some titles we knew about and others that had yet to be announced. On the list awaiting confirmation was Dead Space 3, and now it seems like the rumors can be put to rest. Dead Space 3 is likely to see a big announcement next month at E3, with a release date looking toward late spring 2013.

We have reached out to EA for clarification and confirmation, and will update when we know more.

Dead Space 3 has been rumored this past coverage, and a sequel being confirmed should not surprise anyone. A number of rumors have surfaced in the last year or so, including talk of Visceral at the helm, Issac suffering from a split personality and Dead Space 3 taking place on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis.

Visceral Games‘ original Dead Space released Q4 2008, and is considered by many to be one of the scariest games ever. The rail shooter, Dead Space: Extraction followed in 2009 on the Nintendo Wii and 2011 on the PlayStation 3. Additionally, a mini game/prequel called Dead Space: Ignition released on PSN and Xbox Live, was meant to set up for the release of Dead Space 2. The direct sequel released Q4 2011 and included new multiplayer modes featuring playable necromorphs and soldiers. The series has been all types of successful, selling 4 million plus copies worldwide.

There were also a number of other Dead Space media releases. Fans of the series should check out Dead Space: Downfall and Aftermath. Both are full retail animated releases that help to flesh out the Dead Space universe. If movies are not your thing, there a number of novels detailing various nightmares within the Dead Space world.

I cannot wait for the 3rd outing in the Dead Space series. Both the first and second were excellent in design and gameplay. Oh, and don’t forget scary. Few horror games are able to capture the claustrophobic nature of a character as well as this series has. It should be a real treat to see how twisted Issac has become since Dead Space 2.