A long time ago, a little over 8 years, LucasArts released the cult classic Bounty Hunter game for GameCube and PlayStation 2. Unfortunately for players who weren’t Fett fanatics, the title received mixed reviews and suffered from features that fell short of expectations. But, it appears there may be a new hope. Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd recently filed a trademark for Star Wars 1313 that covers goods and services similar to trademarks for previous Star Wars games.

The current popular theory speculates that Boba Fett will star in the unconfirmed title due to a loose connection stemming from the alias CT-1313, which was used by Fett during an interaction on the planet Aargau. If this is any indication of the timeline, the game may follow the abduction of Boba as a child and his attempts to take Mace Windu’s life for the killing of his father.

Hopefully though, Star Wars 1313 will take a different path. If the title reaches fruition, a refined next-gen re-imagination of the Bounty Hunter game would be a welcomed addition to the LucasArts arsenal. Despite becoming fairly repetitive by the end, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter featured, at times, fairly tactical and rewarding gameplay. Playing as the lone-wolf assassin Jango Fett while infiltrating fortified compounds with a slew of cool gadgets still remains as one of my fondest gaming memories. Furthermore, the game was notably challenging and resulted in a few broken thumbsticks, but it was totally worth it.