Insomniac is best known for the Resistance series of games. While they have announced that they will no longer be working on the franchise and are instead moving to Overstrike, they have also been working on another title. Don’t get too excited, Resistance fans, the new title won’t scratch your alien hunting itch. Well, actually, it may scratch that itch after all. Outernauts is a new Facebook title being published by Electronic Arts in which players collect alien monsters and battle them against others in asynchronous multiplayer battles. Pokemon in space? Sure! We reported on the rumor a few months ago, and it is good to see that the title isn’t just a duct tape job; serious work has gone into it.

Insomniac has some serious game developing chops, so while Facebook social games generally don’t inspire a great deal of excitement, there is hope that the newest venture by the company could be something special. Now, I don’t expect to be spending all summer on this one, but I can see myself giving it the old college try. Currently, Outernauts is in a closed beta state and should see release at some point this summer. An adventure role-playing game with a collection, and most likely, leveling aspect seems like it may be a perfect fit for the casual social market. Keep an eye on RipTen for news as it becomes available.