Though Sony has no shooter as iconic as the Halo franchise, the company has certainly attempted to build a flagship multiplayer title for the PlayStation 3.  While I personally prefer the Resistance franchise, the Killzone series has been the clear winner.  The third entry in that series clobbered the third Resistance title by a near 2:1 ratio according to VGChartz figures.  So while both franchises have been silent on the home console front this year, it is no surprise that Sony may be pushing ahead with another Killzone console entry.

As previously reported, Killzone developer Guerilla Games has been working with Sony Cambridge to create three titles in the series for the PlayStation 3 and Vita.  While no specifics have been provided yet, Siliconera is reporting from an unnamed source that a teaser is being recorded for the next entry in the series.  The site also stated that the title is for a game that will take place after Killzone 3, possibly hinting at a fourth entry in the franchise.

Siliconera has dialogue from the supposed video’s voiceover, but we will likely not receive any confirmation on what the project is and for what system it is being developed until E3.  Perhaps this is one of the 20 games Sony plans to reveal at E3, though I’d personally hope another Resistance is in the works as well.  I think both franchises have their strengths and I will completely welcome another KIllzone and its solid multiplayer, but the single player portions of Resistance have always proved more entertaining for me.

via [IGN]