So, like so many fads, Draw Something took the world by storm. OMGPOP, the developer, was even purchased for over $200 million. Now, it seems that there are many less somethings being drawn. This turn of events is fairly shocking considering how quick it happened. Stat tracking site AppData shows a drop of around 5 million people. That is unreal. Think about it. 5 million people all stop at the same time, relatively. How this will affect Zynga is not known at this point. We reported on the acquisition March 22nd of this year. That means, in just over a month since the big buy out, people have left the game in droves.

So where does OMGPOP go from here? The developer has launched a great deal of updated content in the last month or so, but it seems that it isn’t enough to keep people engaged. For fans of the company, you’ll be glad to know that they aren’t going anywhere. Currently they are working on another casual-centric title for Facebook using the Farmville template… and adding hip-hop. They struck gold with Draw Nothing Something, so maybe the guys have it in them to breath life into that formula. I won’t hold my breath, but I will fondly remember all the pictures friends sent me to get me to guess words like “sausage”