Skyrim, again?” You might be asking.

Alas, yes. Skyrim for Geeked Out again. I know, I know. I dwell too much in the past. Skyrim was half a year ago. Plenty of great games have come and passed, so why Skyrim again?

Unfortunately, one of the downsides to writing about videogames, being a full-time student, and having three jobs is that I don’t have enough time to spend it all on one game. It’s one and done. I got to savor Skyrim for a little longer than usual, since it released so close to my university’s winter break. But time with any Elder Scrolls game only improves with extended play, as you will have more unique experiences to share.

I also try to find something that really impresses me every week for the “Geeked Out” feature. I slog through the Internet each week, trying to find the best of. Even then, I only find something that’s mildly impressive most of the time.

Not this week. This Skyrim cake is absolutely epic. It’s one of those cakes you cry at the prospect of eating.

This Skyrim cake was created by Baking Obsession (Vera) for her son’s birthday. It was inspired by the sculpture included in the Skyrim Collector’s Edition.

Believe it or not, underneath that exterior fondant is something like 5 pounds of chocolate. Seriously though, this cake is so impressive that it puts almost all professional bakers to shame.

I only wonder if she does commissions for special occasions?

Here’s the cake in all it’s glory. Cry:

via [Geekologie]