As a child who grew up with an obscene amount of LEGO, the idea of combining them with my other favorite childhood indulgence, video games, seems like a match made in nerd heaven. In December 2011, a designer by the name of Michael Inglis debuted his concept design for a full Lego set based on Nintendo’s classic Legend of Zelda video game franchise, which used the ending of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as it’s basis for the design. Wonderfully creative and elaborate, this concept spread over other game sites like Kotaku and IGN and has gained a lot of support in the process. Well, there is news now that LEGO is actually considering this proposition.

The Legend of Zelda LEGO set was submitted to the LEGO Cuusoo website, which is a forum for people to submit their ideas for new LEGO concepts and designs. It functions as a non-monetary Kickstarter of sorts, in which you need to reach a pre-determined number of suppoters in order for the idea to be given to the “Expert LEGO Jury” who will review the idea and determine if it has merit and market potential. The threshold is a modest 10,000 supporters, but reaching that goal does not mean that your idea is guaranteed to become a LEGO set, rather it means that it will be reviewed. It’s an interesting program that encourages interaction and creativity within the vast community of the brand’s enthusiasts.

So what are the possibilities of a Legend of Zelda playset eventually adordning our shelves? It’s too early to tell. The review process can take several weeks, ending with a decision as to whether or not to proceed. The fact that it’s based on a licensed product adds another layer of red tape. Given that Ninteno has traditionally kept a tight leash on merchandising of their beloved mascots, how long it could take for LEGO to secure the license is anyone’s guess. It is a safe bet, however, the such a set would be a top seller if it actually comes to fruition.

via [GamesRadar]