This Saturday, May 12, 2012 from 2 PM – 4 PM EST, you can join me for a LiveStream Event featuring Kill3rCombo’s MMORPG Brawler, Elsword.

If you’re an Elsword player, or just want to check out the action, you can win some in-game cash (called K-Ching) by coming back to this page and checking out the embedded stream below or visiting our LiveStream channel. Two lucky Elsword players will each walk away with $20 worth of K-Ching to deck out their characters. One prize will be awarded to a viewer. The other to someone who partners up with me.

UPDATE: BOTH DRAWS WILL BE RANDOM. We’ll pick the winners during the event. One will be chosen from the chat room. The other will be chosen from the group of people who party up with me. I’ll be using two in-game characters: Reviewdemo6 and PaladinXII.

Watch live streaming video from ripten at


This is the perfect time to jump into Elsword, as the game is celebrating its first anniversary of operations here in the United States. There is also a special event going on right now through June 4, 2012. During select times, players will have the opportunity to participate in a special dungeon defense (kind of like tower defense) event called The Gate of Darkness. If players manage to fight off 15 waves of enemies, they’ll have a crack at the Three-Headed Dark Bone Dragon.

Brave adventurers can get a host of goodies during the event, including:

  • An in-game world buff if a specific number of El Crystals are protected.
  • Special event cubes that contain Magic Stones and El Shards.
  • Any player that logs in during the event period will receive a special cube of the wyvern’s accessories that are eligible to become permanent through crafting.

If you haven’t yet played the game, head on over to the website to download the client (remember, the game’s free to play) and get cracking. Whether you party up with me on Saturday, or just come for the show, it’s going to be a good time.


  1. Ill Join You On Saturday, But Around What Time?Doesnt Exactly Say When You’ll Be LiveStreaming, Or Your IGN So That We Can Party.
    In Any Case, My IGN Is Sukigorawr.
    Feel Free To Mail Or Add Me.

    • I Completely Failed. Nevermind On The Time Thing. orz
      Checked Again And Found It immediately. But, Theres Still The Ign Thing, The Location Of Where You’ll Host The Party, Etc.

  2. man this sounds fun i love running the event dungeon! if you still need another player my IGN ins NucklearLk and id be happy to join u

  3. Lolll this Event is Awsome..I really Love It….Especially the Cerebus…I wish that I can Fight the way My IGN is andreymaster95… :D