Enjoy Kane & Lynch: Dog Days? We did. Apparently, however, not everyone had such a great experience with the game. In fact, one Chinese lawyer thinks it’s so bad, he’s suing the developers two years after its release.

The lawsuit isn’t so much over the game’s quality (such is not a question), but rather its portrayal of the Chinese people. The game is set in Shanghai, and it’s true; it doesn’t exactly showcase Chinese culture at its peak. However, to be fair, not much in the game is a realistic portrayal of anything at all.

“I can’t bear it, especially the vicious vilifying of our people,” said Liu, a lawyer from Beijing Shuangli Law Firm. “They must be taught a lesson.”

Liu is suing both IO Interactive and Square Enix for 10,000 yuan (or about US$1,585). “My worry is not whether I can win the case but whether the court will put it on record.” Liu went on.

While on the surface this seems to be a completely ludicrous legal claim, it does actually raise a question: is portraying people of a specific nationality in a poor light in a video game racist? One Chinese lawyer seems to think so, and he’s willing to go to court to make the point.

via[Global Times]



    But in all seriousness, the game was a work of FICTION with fictional characters and story. If you do want to bring attention to something you believe to be an issue, then at least challenge a higher profile game, not Kane and Lynch, a game no one takes seriously. (TOOK seriously, the game is 2 years old, any controversy now is old news). If racial stereotyping was such an issue in fictional games, Deus Ex HR would have been sued a while back.

    Although I’m sure this guy will get to THAT in another two years.