This is Christina, aka, ZerinaX of DeviantArt, winner of Blizzcon 2010’s costume contest. It’s a cosplay I’m sure you’ve seen much of during your travels across the internets, but with the release of Diablo III nigh upon us, this was the only one that seemed worth of this auspicious week’s spotlight. I’ve been waiting years to pay proper homage to Christina. Now, I get my way, and Diablo III. An auspicious week indeed.

Blizzard always seems to be inspiring cosplayers to make some of the most unbelievable, magnificent pieces I’ve ever seen, and Blizzcon is the one bright spot in this universe where they all gather to show them off. Christina was profiled on Blizzard’s official site after her victory, where she revealed the story behind the creation of her Diablo III monk costume. At the time, the masses were starving for facts and content, but had only concept art to sate us. She offers a few process photos, revealing the raw materials before they become the magnificent creation you see above. She even shares a few past costuming exploits and disasters. It’s an interesting read, so check it out here if you’re hungry for some crafts.

It’s been a few years since Christina unleashed her monk upon the world, but it’s still the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the words “Diablo cosplay.” I can only hope that when I break the gates of hell, I look that awesome.

The super cool glowy photos are the work of Chase Hoffman. Check them out and visit his official page while you’re at it.