Here at RipTen, we know the importance of mothers.

OK, let’s be honest. Mothers get a really bad rap in gaming. Other than the nurturing love of Cooking Mama, I’m hard pressed to think of many that are role models for the world’s most important job.

So, instead, we’re going to be thankful for what we have when we step away from our controllers. These are the women that drive us to the game store, even though they just don’t “get” gaming. These are the adoring people in our lives that roll their eyes in silence as we shout into our headsets. These are the women who we’re screaming at during those moments, because even though they have kids of their own, they still somehow make time to game (and do it better than us).

So, for all the moms out there, we just wanted to say, “thanks.”


  1. I think you’re forgetting about The Boss in MGS. She gave birth in the middle of battle after getting shot in the gut. I don’t see Cooking Mama giving birth via snake-shaped c-section. She also beat the shit out of her kids, like any good mother should.