MechWarrior Online, you just can’t get here quickly enough. Excitement levels of anticipation are rising here at RipTen, and if this keeps up, they will be beyond the capacity of what can be humanly contained. Yes, this means we’ll explode into fiery balls of our inability to wait.

You will, too, MechWarrior fans, once you get a whiff of the most recent MechWarrior Online gameplay video released by Piranha Games. Are you ready for the big guns that are about to be showed off?

Alright, here’s a complimentary RipTen towel to wipe off your lower half after that glorious thirty seconds. Combat’s almost exactly as I remembered it to be from the old days, albeit a tad bit slower-paced. But the wonderful, wonderful nostalgia that bathed over me made me have absolutely no qualms about it.

But onwards, lads. As promised in the title, there’s plenty of other good stuff Piranha has for us. First off, they’ve taken the veil off of the Mech Lab by providing the first in-game screenshots featuring it. As you will be able to see below, the Mech Lab is where you can fully customize your mechs. Try not to get too excited when you take a look.

Piranha is also debuting the Dragon mech chassis. These are its stats, according to the press release:

At 60 tons and boasting such a massive engine, the Dragon travels 86.4 km/h. It is clearly designed to let the pilot choose when and where combat happens (and likely how it ends). With the indirect-fire capabilities of the Telos DecaCluster LRM-10 combined with the range of the Imperator-A Autocannon/5, the Dragon will be able to bring down most foes before they even get into the range of its two Victory 23R Medium Lasers.

Are you antsy for the screenshots we have? Of course you are. Feast your eyes upon the glory of the MechLab and assorted images of the game that will melt your eyeballs out of pure anticipation.

MechWarrior Online is coming this summer, or as we like to call it here at RipTen, “not soon enough.”