Yes, the Diablo III news train’s taken off. I’m sure RipTen’s going to be absolutely covered by the end of today with Diablo III news. Please, forgive us. We’re just really excited about the game, as I’m sure you are too.

Blizzard’s managed to pull in a whopping 2 MILLION Diablo III pre-orders, across both digital and retail sales, although I wonder if this number might be a bit low-balled, considering hundreds at the Irvine Spectrum Center for the launch party were grabbing their pre-orders a mere few hours before the game’s official PDT launch. If it does, I’m going to have to applaud retailers and Blizzard folk for having the most efficient employees ever hired.

Either way, I’m not really surprised to see Blizzard reporting such high numbers. It is Diablo 3… and almost everyone’s encountered the now-infamous ‘Error 37’ had they tried to log in within the first two hours of launch.

via [That Videogame Blog]