Naughty Dog‘s upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive post-apocalyptic “zombie” romp, The Last of Us, is definitely a game that’s garnering a lot of attention. A new trailer, titled “The Sky has Turned Grey,” shows off a little more of the game. There’s still no gameplay to be seen, but there are a few other things that are worth noticing.



The first thing you’ll notice is that Ellie has undergone some changes from the reveal trailer that we saw in December. She no longer looks quite so much like Ellen Page as she did. In a recent interview with IGN, Neil Druckman, creative director over at Naughty Dog, said that the change was made to reflect the look and personality of the actress playing Ellie, Ashley Johnson, and also create a slightly younger teen that fits better with the story. If the name sounds familiar, by the way, you may know Ashley from her voice work on Teen Titans and Ben 10 Alien Force, or, if you’re old enough, as Chrissy Seaver from Growing Pains.

Moving on from the change in Ellie’s look, we see that she and Joel are rumbling through a deserted, overgrown street in a dusty old pickup truck. The city isn’t named: whether it’s the same one from the reveal trailer or not is difficult to say, since one abandoned American city looks much like another without any clearly defining features in the skyline. While Hank Williams Sr. fills the background, Joel and Ellie find their progress on the highway hampered by a collection of abandoned vehicles. Joel is forced to take the nearby off-ramp, and the two roll into the city proper.

As they drive, an injured looking man stumbles into their path, shouting for help. Joel slams on the brakes, and contemplates the man for a moment, before buckling his seat belt, and ordering Ellie to do the same. As he floors the accelerator, the injured man pulls a gun, firing into the truck’s windshield, and a group of his bandit friends leap out from behind the skeletal wreckage of nearby vehicles. Joel runs down the “injured” bandit as he flees up the street, but just as it looks like they might escape the danger, a bus slams into the truck’s rear right side, and Joel and Ellie go careening into a building. That’s the extent of this new trailer.

We knew from the reveal trailer that there were other people left: desperate, lawless folk who will do anything they can to survive, even harm their fellow man. The absence of any strange, bulbous-headed, zombie-like creatures in this trailer suggests that other surviving people may prove to play a larger part in the overall story of the game than initially suspected, which is confirmed in the IGN interview. You’ll also notice that the ambushers are dressed similarly to the man who Ellie walks in on Joel killing in the reveal trailer. Could this be a precursor to that, showing how the two ended up in that predicament to begin with? Perhaps. That would also mean the two cities are indeed the same, which may hint at the possibility that escaping that particular city is a large part of the game, or at least an important part of it.

This is all speculation, of course. In reality, the trailer offers very little in terms of new information, and still does not reveal how the game will actually play. With E3 coming up, we’ll undoubtedly be learning more about the title quite soon, though, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more in the coming weeks.