It is about time that I can bring you some positive news on the PS Vita front. I love the system. I think it has a ton of potential and is only being hurt by a lack of titles right now. It seems that I am on the same page as a team of 30 experts from the red dot awards, Germany’s Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, prestigious awards extravaganza that recognizes innovation and design. The PSVita isn’t the only Sony product to win accolades though, so first, the list:

PlayStationVita (PS Vita)

Wireless Stereo Headset for PlayStation3 (Available in North America)

Wireless Keyboard for PlayStation3

3D Display

While the Vita has seen it’s fair share of struggles, it is hard to deny how beautiful and well built the system  is. That isn’t to say the UI is perfect, but for a non-iDevice, nothing can come close to the design. This award will hopefully give Sony the push they need to put their full support behind the system. With failing sales worldwide and a complete lack of must have titles in the pipeline, something needs to happen. Hopefully this is just the start. Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Andrew House shared his thoughts on this award:

“To be recognised for our commitment to product design by leading industry experts is a fantastic achievement for SCE.”

“We are particularly thrilled with the reaction and expectation to the recently launched PS Vita in North America, and Europe, the ultimate portable entertainment system, especially the introduction of innovative new ways to play and interact. Winning a red dot award for product design further establishes PS Vita as the must-have portable entertainment system across the world.” .



  1. The UI is actually very good. I wish we could resize or add more shortcuts to pages in the main menu thing, but other than that Im happy with it. Switching in and out of game to send a quick message, check something online or change up the music being played is easy as pie.