It was no surprise that the Internet was lit up like the Burning Hells this week with excitement for Diablo III. Unfortunately, for many, the thrill of returning to the world of Sanctuary was muted by arcane errors noted only by a series of digits. What do they mean, Blizzard? Well, stay a while and… nope. I’m not going to let this piece take an arrow to… NO. No memes.

While you have been pounding your keyboard, cursing at your screen or doing some a little bit even less mature, Blizzard has been on the case. As part of the corrective measures, they’ve delayed the rollout of the real money Auction House until May 22. This is probably a wise move, allowing them to fix the existing problems before opening up the economy to the invasion of legal tender.

Despite “aggressive projections,” Blizzard simply wasn’t ready for the onslaught of simultaneous logins. See? Too much of a good thing (even success) can have dire consequences. Additionally, the team is investigating issues with achievements, so stay tuned for announcements on that front.

Things seem to be operating smoothly right now, but don’t be surprised to see emergency maintenance between now and the weekend. If you think a lot of people were playing it on Tuesday, just wait. I hear there have been a run on IV stands and catheter bags at medical supply stores. Here’s the full statement conveyed by Community Manager Bashiok:

Diablo Players:

We’d like to extend a very sincere thank you to everyone who joined the global Diablo III launch celebrations this week, as well as to everyone who was ready to jump into Sanctuary the moment the game went live.

To that end, we’d also like to say that we’ve been humbled by your enthusiasm — and we sincerely regret that your crusade to bring down the Lord of Terror was thwarted not by mobs of demons, but by mortal infrastructure. As many of you are aware, technical issues occurring within hours after the game’s launch led to players experiencing error messages and difficulty logging in. These issues cropped up again last night for the Americas and Europe servers. Despite very aggressive projections, our preparations for the launch of the game did not go far enough.

We’ve been monitoring the game 24/7 and have applied several optimizations to help our systems better weather the global rush. As of late last night, specifically 11:50 PM PDT on May 15, all systems have been online and running relatively smoothly. We’re continuing to monitor performance globally and will be taking further measures as needed to ensure a positive experience for everyone. This includes some maintenance to implement additional improvements for each region.

In order to make sure everything is continuing to run as it should, we’ve decided to move out our target launch for the real-money auction house beyond our original estimated date of May 22. We’ll post further updates on that in the near future.

Aside from the tremendous number of players simultaneously logging in to the game, one of the launch-day service issues was linked to the achievement system. Some players began to notice early on that achievements were either not being earned properly, or not being saved between multiple logins. We’re investigating this issue and will provide a specific update as soon as possible.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s support, and we want to sincerely apologize for the difficulties many of you encountered on day one. Please visit the Support site or Support forums for the latest service-related updates or for help in troubleshooting any technical issues you may be having downloading, installing, or while playing the game.

Thank you again for your patience while we reinforce the gates of Sanctuary and further strengthen it for your onslaught.

Blizzard Entertainment




  1. Sure… blizzard didn’t think thier game would be so popular.
    When will we stop accepting the fact we are being sold unfinished or unprepared products.
    They take the pre-order money months in advance and don’t hold up thier end of the bargain.

    • They know how many digital copies were sold, they can estimate how many physical copies were sold – not providing enough server oomph is just incompetent.

      • Not to mention they run WoW. Every expansion / big content patch causes load issues. They really should be used to this by now and be able to better prepare for it.

        I am still unconvinced that D3 benefits from an always online connection. The only reason I see for it is protecting the real money auction house from goldfarmers using cheats and hacks to dig up loot to turn into money.

        I think the sc2 level of “online-ness” was about right

        • Gaming companies that take pre-orders need to shape up and delay a game if they aren’t ready to get it working. There is no excuse for taking our money and not giving what they offered in return.