The past few months have been littered with Wii U rumors like the possibility of an Android OS, utilizing the Street Pass or the first round of titles being leaked. Everyone loves rumors but it is also nice to have some solid information and that is what Nintendo hit us with today.

The Wii U is jumping on board or should I say into the cloud, and allowing storage outside of the console itself. This feature will give users the ability to access their game saves and profiles without having to use a memory card or any other external device. The cloud service is set to give users 512 MB of storage. While this is not a massive amount by any means, it should provide plenty of storage for game saves and profiles.

It is a positive sign to see Nintendo actually embrace the cloud save technology. This makes me think that the big N may also be trying to become relevant in the arena of online connectivity. This is one area where Nintendo needs to make strides. As PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 have shown us, online gaming, entertainment and community all play a very big part in a console’s success. Nintendo cannot afford to miss the “online boat” this time around with the Wii U.

Anyone else excited to see Nintendo getting on board with things like cloud technology? Leave a comment and let us know.



  1. Having my PS3 upload selected game saves, download updates and sync trophies when I sleep is one hellish awesome feature. To hear the the WiiU strives for that, is pleasing.