is getting pretty good at leaking game announcements well ahead of time. Searching for stuff on the site is like smacking demons in Diablo 3; most of the time you get what you expect, but on occasion you get some pretty sweet drops (can you tell what I’ve been playing all week?). We reported a leaked list previously here. Anyways, the point here is that has this list:

Wii U will feature a wide variety of exciting first and third party games and software at the time of system launch. Just a few of those players can expect include:

I can’t say any of these titles are all that surprising, but I am happy to see Metro and New Super Mario Bros. Mii showing up early in the Wii U’s life cycle. I would be lying if I told you I was extremely excited for the system, but seeing as the titles that I would be the system for are coming out early, chances are more and more Mario games will launch in a relatively short amount of time. Darksiders II, Tekken and Ninja Gaiden 3, all point to a hardcore focused system. This is a radical departure from previous systems Nintendo has released. In general, games are more casually focused, and those of us that enjoy the less casual type of games are left with our cheese in the wind.
Nintendo has been pretty slow on the uptake when it comes to gamers desires. The Wii had a terrible online service because they felt gamers didn’t care about playing online. It’s good to see that with the supposed online revamp, and core focused games, Nintendo is learning from previous stumbles. We will keep an eye out for you and report more about the system and games as they lumber towards release, apparently later this year.


  1. Welp, if that’s the final list… I’ve got no reason to snag the system at launch. A single title (NSMB2) that I can’t get on my other systems is hardly worth the price of admission…. which we don’t even know yet :S Ahh, come on E3.