In case you weren’t already, it’s now officially time to get excited for Doctor Who and the Eternity Clock¬†from developer¬†Supermassive. With the game launching for PSN in under a week, the developer has released several video development blogs that highlight some of the gameplay elements; and let me tell you, they look brilliant. The game will allow two players to play simultaneously in two entirely different time periods (via split screen), and somehow still interact to solve puzzles.

It’s essentially a 2D side scroller, but set into a 3D world. Players can turn a corner and continue in a different direction, allowing the environments to be expansive. So far, 4 different monster races have been identified: the Dalek, the Cybermen, Silurians and the Silence. There are also two new monsters, a Cybermen controller and an as-yet unrevealed boss character.

Developer Supermassive are obviously huge fans of the series, and doing everything in their power to make sure that the game is true to it in every way. The idea is to make the player feel like Doctor Who, and from the previews released so far, it looks like they’re right on target. The game looks to feature plenty of the Doctor’s wit, as well as cleverly designed puzzles and enemies. It’s all based on the Unreal engine, so the graphics are looking stellar as well. Want to see more? Check out the developer video blogs below.

The only problem with the game? No David Tennant.