Our friends over at Deep Silver unearthed some buried treasure in the form of three copies of Piranha Bytes’ Risen 2: Dark Waters for Steam. They were kind enough to send them our way (after making us walk the plank and forcing us to changing the lining in the parrot’s cage) with explicit instructions to give them to our loyal readers. We’ve devised a cute little contest to give away two of them, with the third going out via Twitter.

First, I recommend that you visit our review of Risen 2. It’s going to be important.

OK. Now that you’ve got that open, in order to enter, you need to do the following:

1. For one entry, what are experience points called in the world of Risen 2? Leave your response in the comment section.

2. For a second entry, if you were a pirate ship captain, what would your name be? Leave your response in the comment section.

3. For an entry to win the third code, follow @RipTen on Twitter and tweet, “Want to win a copy of Risen 2 from @RipTen and @DeepSilverEN? Click for instructions and RT to win! #RipTenBooty http://ripten.com/?p=130890”

A couple of rules. The contest will close on Friday May 25 at 5 PM PDT. Only one response per entry type (one response for each of the first two questions and one tweet). The responses to the first two questions may be in the same comment and will be counted separately. Drawing will be random. You will need a Steam account to redeem the prizes. For comment entries, please leave either a Twitter name or your email address so we can contact you should you win. If you prefer Twitter communication, please be sure you are following @RipTen.

Good luck!


  1. Experience Point is called Glory.I’d name my ship Captain Deckard (named after Cain, of Diablo 3. playing it right now!)Contact’s either @toyoch or “depressive_sadism(at)hotmail(dot)com” I loved Risen 1 so much and I hope I get a chance to play 2!

  2. Experience points are called Glory.
    My name would be Captain Mallard, because everything I ride on would have a duck. Think of “Put a bird on it!” from Portlandia, except with ducks.

  3. 1. Experience points are called glory in Risen 2.

    2. My pirate captain name would be the Gunpowder King.


  4. 1. The points are called Glory
    2. My name would be Captain Hubert the great bacon devourer.

    Many thanks for the opportunity!
    My twitter- @2Frags2Seconds

  5. Forgive if this is duplicate but I think my comment got eaten the first time around:
    Entry 1: glory
    Entry 2: Captain Admiral
    Entry 3: tweeted with @DontJudgeMyADD