According to a tweet by DICE employee Johan Andersson, you’ll probably need a 64-bit OS to run some of the future games developed on the studio’s Frostbite engine. Frostbite’s already been used in plenty of EA-published games, most prominently Battlefield 3. However, if you’ve been slow to upgrade to 64-bit, expect to do so if you want to continue PC gaming with any of DICE’s games. Heck, if you want to stick with PC gaming it’s probably best to make the switch, simply because 64-bit gaming endows you with the advantage of using more than 2 GB of RAM dedicated to a game, which is a limiting factor for 32-bit operating systems. Otherwise, you may or may not want to leave the PC for office work and pick up an Xbox or PS3.

Andersson’s tweet read:

We’ll have Frostbite-powered games in 2013 that will _require_ a 64-bit OS. If you are on 32-bit, a great opportunity to upgrade to Windows 8.

Sounds a bit like a shameless plug for Microsoft. Then again, considering that most PC games are developed with Windows in mind, Andersson’s not exactly wrong. Still, it doesn’t have to be Windows 8. Windows Vista or Windows 7 64-bit will do too.