With almost every person on my friends list paying tribute to Blizzard and playing Diablo 3, my world for the last week has been in a tizzy over the Lord of Terrors.

So, it’s surprising for me to find that Max Payne 3‘s actually managed to edge out Diablo 3 in terms of sales. Then again, Max Payne 3‘s built up about nine years of hype to go behind it, almost as much as the twelve years of anticipation for Diablo III.

With videogame releases as slow as they have been for 2012, it’s really a no brainer that Max Payne 3‘s had the biggest launch of this year since Mass Effect 3. Diablo III came in with a close second to Max Payne 3 by being only 8,000 copies behind. Not bad, considering that PC gaming is supposed to be dead or something. Oh, and that figure only accounts for the retail copies that Diablo III‘s managed to sell. Unfortunately, sales tracker GfK, like NPD, doesn’t track digital sales.

We know that Blizzard was doing brisk pre-sales, with huge numbers of gamers opting to pre-load the title before the launch. Should they release the exact numbers, the true champion will likely emerge. Additionally, it’s important to note that Max Payne 3 hasn’t launched on PC yet. It’s slated for release next week. Given that most of those sales are likely to be digital as well, we won’t have a complete comparison unless Blizzard and Rockstar Games both show their hands.




  1. F*ck yeah Max Payne 3! Not sure if I’m missing much with Diablo 3, but my computer can’t even run flash games much less Diablo.

  2. People are not buying DIablo 3 because we’re not all idiots.

    Other than the pre-orders, Diablo 3 sales are slowing to a trickle.

    Hey Blizzard, great move with the always online and RMAH – I won’t touch your products again, and I spend about 300$ monthly on gaming.