In a continuing effort by the game industry to wreck your wallet and wrack your mind over what games to buy and play early next year, Gearbox has officially placed a release date on Aliens: Colonial Marines past the earlier announced fall 2012 window (which was itself a delay from an earlier January 2012 release date). After almost 5 years in the making, you can expect to deal with your xenophobia in violent ways come February 12, 2013. And what’s this? Gearbox has even given us a video to get us excited during the wait.

While the delay is certainly an annoyance to to those who’ve been waiting on this game for years now, the question is what does the delay mean for SEGA? While recent financials show that Sega-Sammy as a whole has made excellent profits in its pachinko division with $889.4 million, and arcade sales were healthy at $92.8 million, the consumer division made a $189 million dollar loss.

The company is also expecting to run more conservatively in its consumer division, which seems confirmed by the recent news that layoffs had occurred at SEGA of America, and the expectation of releasing half as many packaged titles as last year, focusing more on digital distribution. As such, it’s not surprising that the game would be delayed to move past the competitve hoiday season. That being said, it’s odd that they would place it amongst other strong Q1 titles like Bioshock: Infinite, Tomb Raider, and SimCity.

If you’re interested in reading about the preview for Aliens: Colonial Marines shown at this year’s PAX East, you can read Mike’s thoughts on it here.