Dammit, Capcom. I was really hoping that your recent update to Street Fighter x Tekken would address a lot of the shenanigans that developed since the game was released. There are some issues that need fixing, like the incredibly fast timer or the fact that about half of the cast has insanely good jab pressure, but the only thing that’s been added so far has been gems, colors, some general balance tweaks, and a game breaking bug.

In the latest patch for the game, 1.04, the entire game freezes if a very common scenario occurs. It turns out that if any projectile in the game collides with one of Rolento’s knife projectiles, the game freezes. The only way to resume playing is to shut off the console, turn it back on and load the game all over again. Keep in mind that this glitch is affecting every version of the game, and as a result, the community is pretty upset about it. Capcom has responded to news of the glitch by saying that there should be a patch coming around “mid-June” that will fix the glitch.

In fact, the organizer of the CEO tournament series, Alex Jebailey, stated on Twitter that unless the Rolento glitch was fixed, he’s considering banning the character from CEO’s Street Fighter x Tekken tournament.

“If Capcom doesn’t fix the Rolento Game Breaking Bug before CEO I would seriously consider banning Rolento. No other fix in my opinion.”

“Hard to tell a player to NOT throw a projectile, I’d rather not have a decision to make in game while playing.”

“In case the SfxT rolento fix patch isn’t out or date announced by June 1st(b4ceo), I’ll make a decision then. Either revert to 1.0 or ban RO”

Since no definite date has not been announced, there is no word yet on whether or not Rolento will be banned at CEO, which takes place from June 15th to June 17th. A video of the game breaking glitch can be found below.


via [EventHubs]