A Traveller’s Tales game tester supposedly shared an image of a redesigned Wii U controller via Twitter.  The redesigned controller has many changes over the controller shown last year at E3 2011.  The changes seen in the leaked image are as follows:

1.  The Wii U controller now has two sticks instead of the Circle Pads seen last year.  Rumors have also been going around that these sticks will be clickable. but pictures can’t confirm that.  However having sticks instead of Circle Pads does give that clickable stick rumor a bit more strength.

2.  The two sticks have been moved closer to the edge of the Wii U controller.

3.  The + (Start) and – (Select) buttons have been moved from the bottom of the controller to under the four face buttons on the right.  This will make it easier to access these buttons and a very welcome change.

4.  There is now a mystery button to the left of the Power button and to the right of the battery light.

5.  Another mystery button can be found below the D-Pad.

6.  The Mic is now to the left of the Home Button.

7.  The Home button now has a clear ring around it.  Maybe it can light up for a special reason?

8.  The controller now has the Wii U logo on it.

The E3 2011 Design

While this is currently still a rumor, as Nintendo hasn’t commented on it, it certainly looks like the real deal.   In the past Nintendo has changed console controllers leading up to launch in similar ways.  Nintendo will be blowing the lid off most of the Wii U features at their E3 2012 press conference which is scheduled for June 5th, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. PST.  It is likely Nintendo fans will have to wait until this date for this rumor, and the other mysteries of the controller, to be explained in detail.

RipTen staff will be at E3 2012 and Nintendo’s press conference.  Readers can expect to see many hands on impressions of the Wii U during and after this monumental event!


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  1. hi there yeah home button lights up i like things light up soo next gen console should be translucant glass with leds inside the hole console up