From time to time we see some interesting combinations in the world of tech, and recently it seems Nintendo and Toyota are next in line to pair up and innovate. Toyota’s Hybrid minivan features the new Smart Navi GPS which will allow a user’s Nintendo DS to become a dash free GPS control unit.

So you have this fancy Hybrid minivan and a DS, now all you need is the Kuruma de DS game to activate your handheld unit as a GPS remote. If being able to enter directions from the backseat does not interest you, how about the map notes, tourist info or trivia options that are all included with Kuruma de DS? Via Bluetooth technology a user will be able to play audio through the van’s speakers as a Mii speaks out your text.

As we know girls and boys, technology is not cheap. The Smart Navi option will run owners $2,500 plus and Kuruma de DS will cost just under $100 at release. I guess maybe I was smart in hanging onto my pretty little pink DS. Now I just need to find a friend in Japan with Smart Navi so I can test this out.