We’ve been hearing a lot about Reto-Moto’s free-to-play WWII experience Heroes & Generals lately, and the game is attracting quite a following among history buffs, armchair strategists and shooter fans looking for a persistent war to fight.

It might be a bit hard to imagine how the strategy elements interplay with the more traditional action environment, but thankfully there is a new developer videolog that demonstrates how Axis and Allied Generals can create and fight missions at strategic locations for ground troops to drop in and execute. The constant jockeying for supremacy by utilizing resources like armored units to reinforce outnumbered defenders seems like it will lead to fiercely exciting matches with changing dynamics.

Also in the video is something special for those players that prefer to manage the war rather than fight it. An iOS and Android app is in development that will, at first, let you monitor your campaign. In later versions, the mobile version, entitled Heroes & Generals: Mobile Command, will give players full control over the tactical aspects of the game, as if you were in front of your computer. It’s probably best if you keep your mobile device safely tucked away at work.

Want to test out the game for yourself? Good news! You can enlist for a beta key on the Heroes & Generals website.

Now, aside from the game, one of the things that is extremely interesting to me is how Roto-Moto is getting fans involved in funding the game development. In addition to providing valuable feedback through the beta, players can purchase War Bonds. These function much like real war bonds did, with a purchase up front earning monthly in-game interest before it matures. After six months, your principal investment will be returned as in-game gold.

Gold can be used to by Credits (which can also be earned by participating in the FPS portion of the game) and are used to outfit your soldier with new weapons and gear or purchase assault teams as a general. Your War Bonds won’t be affected by server resets or moving from Beta to Launch, which means your investment in the game is secure. It’s an extremely innovative way for Reto-Moto to pull in additional development resources and reward fans for their support. For the visual learners among you, here’s a handy graphic right from the official Wiki:

The Heroes & Generals forum is hopping with fans of the game who have participated in the Alpha stage and are gearing up for the Beta. Head on over, say hello and get ready to fight WWII like you never have.