Crafty timing, this announcement. While players are still click, click, clicking away with Diablo III, and we are still in supplication to the honor role of Blizzard greats, here comes new information about Marvel Heroes from Blizzard North co-founder David Brevik. Credited as one of the masterminds behind the original Diablo, Brevik’s new studio, Gazillion Entertainment, has thrown wide the gates of Marvel’s hallowed halls to create a game that appears to be refined, crystalline fan service.

Checking out the gameplay teaser, it looks to draw a lot from Brevik’s past work, with a healthy dose of Unreal Engine 3-powered action. In addition, the story is being written by veteran Brian Michael Bendis. We can see from the trailer that Doctor Doom is in possession of the Cosmic Cube, which means that all sorts of bad things will befall the Earth. I hope your mouse finger gets a break before it comes out.

While the trailer shows a handful of heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Spider-Man and The Hulk, the release we received boasts over 8,000 characters, including some very obscure entries like Squirrel Girl. This seems like a gold mine for the F2P arena, especially as the information we have touts the ability to purchase new costume pieces from each character’s history. Hide your credit cards, comic book fans.

The website already mentions additional playable Marvelites, including Cyclops, Ms. Marvel and the Thing. Also mentioned are a couple of interesting tidbits about how the game will work. Your playable character will have access to costume pieces and powers. It isn’t clear if you can create mix-and-match combinations or if you will be stepping into the shoes of a legendary superhero. Additionally, a number of places on the site mention that you will “collect” heroes. We’ve reached out to Gazillion Entertainment to get some clarification on how the game mechanics will work, what you’ll be opening up your wallet to purchase and when we might expect to get our hands on a preview of the game. Unfortunately, they aren’t quite ready to share those details with us.

At a time when both action RPGs and Marvel properties are hot, excitement for Marvel Heroes seems set to reach a boiling point.