As the not-so-old adage goes, another weekend, another Mass Effect 3 operation.  This weekend, those still enjoying the challenge of BioWare’s N7 Bounty Weekends can partake in Operation Shieldwall, which is set to commence on Friday, May 25 at 6 PM PST and conclude on Monday, May 28 at 5 AM PST.

What will players have to contend with this weekend?  Well, the Allied Goal requires 50,000 characters to be promoted, which is, for those who don’t know, essentially Mass Effect‘s version of Call of Duty‘s Prestige system.  For the completion of this task, all players will be rewarded with a Victory Pack.  And if that number seems a bit too daunting, you might want to tackle the Squad Goal, which is to promote three characters. Achieving this will earn all squadmates a Commendation Pack.

Unfortunately, participants might find themselves encountering an added challenge. Because of the unfortunate failure of Operation Silencer, a greater number of banshees are likely to spawn with Reaper enemies.  Even worse, banshees may also appear with other enemies, so don’t expect BioWare to go soft on players this weekend.

As always, be sure to have “Upload Gameplay Feedback” turned on in the online options for those playing on all available platforms – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.  Good luck to all those taking part in the challenge.  I certainly don’t envy those jumping into the fray this Memorial Day weekend.