When it rains it pours, might be a good way to describe the current situation involving Activision and two ex-employees. Both Jason West and Vincent Zampella are formally going after Activision for lost royalties. This has been boiling for a while.

So how does this have anything in the world to do with Bungie you may be wondering. It seems a 2010 deal Activision made with Bungie is going public as a separate part of this Call of Duty lawsuit. This deal was cemented only a month after both West and Zampella were fired from Activision.

The recent unsealing of the official contract details the following:

  • Bungie is set to develop 4 Sci-Fi shooters under the code name of “Destiny” to be released yearly starting the fall of 2013.
  • 4 downloadable expansion packs code named “Comet” are set to be released yearly starting the fall of 2014.
  • The first Destiny game will start as an Xbox 360 exclusive and the other three look to be headed for initial exclusivity on Microsoft’s next console or as the contract refers to it, Xbox 720.
  • Later games in the series would be made not only for Microsoft‘s Xbox 720 but also wind up on Sony‘s next console and personal computers.
  • There are also bonuses detailed for Bungie if Destiny can achieve a rank of 90 or higher on GameRankings.com.
  • There is also mention of a sequel to the cult hit Marathon in the works.

This is some seriously awesome information that I am sure Activision did not want released in this manner. There should be no surprise that a game series is in development between these two, as this is not the first mention of a union between Bungie and Activision. I welcome any Bungie titles and hope the Destiny series is more than just a Halo-esque space shooter.

Anyone else pumped about these leaks of Bungie related info? Leave a comment and let us know.

via[LA Times]