In this weeks WTD we are going to explore some sports inspired games. I’m not a sport guy, my sport is killing demons for loot. But I do enjoy the occasional sports-type game that gives me the same feelings of playing an organized sport, while also letting me do crazy rule breaking, normally physics breaking things, all in the name of bigger points. Today, we start with something special:

Extreme Skater ($.99)

Extreme Skater emphasis on the X, is something like a Trials HD game. Or, like a Sonic game. Actually, it’s most like the two of them had a kid, found two more wheels and some wild levels. The game is quick with a ton of reactionary “puzzles” that allow you to tear through each level for the best run. If you are a fan of the fast paced skill races that are starting to take off, the production values and care given to the game are obvious enough that you should jump right in and get to it. Plenty to unlock in the long run and an enjoyable, if dangerously close to generic art style, will take advantage of your new sharp screen.

Highway Rider (Free)

Getting your race on is plenty fun. Getting to watch your rider more or less break in half from a failed risky move is even more fun. Akin to Road Rash, minus the violence for the most part, Highway Rider rewards dangerous driving. Customers are comparing it to Temple Run which is a good sign for the quality and care that people are seeing int he game. Even more importantly, the devs want to know what the players want in future updates and are working to get each one implemented. This isn’t a cash grab game, this is a game obviously built from a labor of love. Give it a shot on the free and give your input to make it even better. Ride like the wind my friends, ride like the wind.

Subway Surfers (Free, IAP)

Last up is an endless runner in the subways. Surf the subs to earn coins and, you know, not lose. Endless runners are perfect for quick pick up and play sessions, or a little gaming time on the toilet. Yup, I made it clear, people do play portable games on the toilet. The art style is pretty enjoyable and fits the environment perfectly. With some form of friend integration, plenty of tricks and grinds to pull as you make your way to the depths of the subway, you are in for endless amounts of enjoyment with this one. And at the affordable price of free, you can’t not try it out.

And there you have it. You’ve wasted another perfectly good 15 minutes here at WTD. Hopefully you walk away with some ideas of things to keep you busy throughout the week. As always, comment below to let us know what you would like to see next and I’ll shoot at getting that in there for ya. Thanks for reading and see you next week.