Manufacturer: Tritton
MSRP: $99.99
Sound Produced: Stereo
Type: Wireless
Primary System: Xbox 360
Also Compatible With: N/A
Connection Method: RCA, USB (for power)

Basic Description

Tritton’s Wireless Xbox 360 Primer is a compact, comfortable headset designed for a gamer who prioritizes a clutterless setup over all the bells and whistles of a 5.1 or 7.1 surround arrangement. The Primer delivers clean, crisp sound and is one of the easiest wireless systems to put together. It requires few cables to operate and still manages to deliver a great stereo experience despite its smaller size and fewer console controls.

What’s in the box?

The primer comes with the headset, a base station, RCA adapter, analog audio adapter, headset connector cable, USB cable, and two AA batteries.

Aesthetics and Durability

The Tritton Primer is a very lightweight, thin headset padded with soft cushioned wrapped in faux leather. The inside of the ear cups are bright orange and the Tritton “T” is printed on the outside. Inside each cup is a 40mm speaker, which sits lightly against the ears, hinged on swivels. Despite its lean build, it feels sturdy and well-built. The contrasting black and orange is very eye-catching, and the corresponding wireless dock is small and discrete. While the Primer includes several adapter cables, they’re merely options — you only need one in order for the headset to function. It doesn’t require an AC adapter, which means setup is light on cords and the finished product looks sleek and uncluttered.
This is a wireless headset that you can pack up and travel with easily. It’s one of the most stress-free wireless docking systems you’ll find.

Ease of Setup and Use

You’ll first want to remove the ear cap cover and insert the batteries, which is a very pleasant experience compared to the Razer Chimaera. Once the AAs are in, you’re ready to move onto the cables. Once you’ve decided which cable best suits your needs, setting up the Primer is a breeze. I chose the RCA adapter, which replaced the white and red cables in the back of my TV. The base station only requires two cables, the adapter of your choosing, and a USB to connect it to your 360. Once that’s taken care of, you’ll need to connect your controller to the headset via the controller cable.
Unfortunately, the shape of Tritton’s controller cable will prevent you from plugging in an Xbox 360 chat pad. If you’re constantly entering in time codes, you may find this a major inconvenience. This, however, was my only gripe about setup. The headset doesn’t need to charge and it’s all turned off by the push of a button located above the ear cup. This is also where you’ll find independent chat and game volume control. The dials are right on top of each other though and you may need to get acquainted with the layout before you go charging into the earliest multiplayer deathmatch.

Sound Quality and Performance Notes

The Prime delivers a solid audio punch despite its deceptively slight packaging. Its stereo sound and independent chat/game volume controls make it a worth contender the the gaming headset realm. Its speakers are the same size as the PX21’s, but the wireless freedom it offers could give Turtle Beach’s wired counterpart a run for its money. The downside to its rather slender build is the size of the ear cups. They’re on the smaller end of the spectrum, which works out well for the overall look of the Primer, but won’t give you the same sense of all-encompassing sound you’d experience from a circumaural set.
The Primer’s small build is both its greatest strength and weakness. The sound you’ll hear from this headset is great considering its size, but it seems as though just a little more bulk in the ear cups might have improved overall comfort levels and the stereo experience.


The Primer is a very lightweight headset with small ear cups, but comfortable padding. After a few hours, the ear cups may cause some irritation, as they’re supra-aural as opposed to circumaural and sit on top of the ear. This may cause some chafing over time.

Differentiating Features

The sleek design, minimalistic set-up, independent game and chat volume, and generous supply of optional cables makes this one of the most user-friendly of wireless headsets.

Recommended/Required Accessories


If you’re looking for a no-fuss wireless headset and surround sound isn’t a priority, then the Primer is an excellent fit for you. This is easily portable, quickly put away, and set up in seconds. It’s almost sporty in its design, as if intended for someone with a fast-paced lifestyle with an Xbox 360 to travel with. After wrestling with setups as complex as the Razer Chimaera, the Tritton Primer is a great alternative if you don’t mind sacrificing the Dolby 5.1 or the circumaural ear cups.
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