You can always count on a well-timed television blooper to bring a little humor to a serious matter. The troubling situation in Syria has been getting progressively worse, with civil unrest, violent protests and a staggering amount of civilian and military casualties. The BBC has reported that Amnesty International on the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to intervene in the conflict, but it seems that the BBC has different ideas. Their news report suggested that the organization to help is the United Nations Space Command, the military faction from the popular Halo series and the domain of one Master Chief.

In a BBC news report covering Amnest International’s report that suggests intervention by the United Nations, a serious and stern-faced news new anchor reports the news with the iconic UNSC faction logo from the Halo series is prominently displayed on the monitors behind her. This is either a prank done by some mischievous BBC employee, or someone who found the UNSC image on the internet and, not having the knowledge of the Halo games, mistook it for the actual United Nations Security Council logo. Video footage of this was posted on Youtube,with the title “BBC UNSC Halo Fail”.

An honest mistake by someone is the most likely cause, and while it’s an embarrassment for the BBC, it does give us a little chuckle that helps balance the harshness of the news being reported. For those of us who nerd out over video games, the inevitable question of how Master Chief would tackle the problem inevitably arises. With his mad skills, as well as an arsenal of advanced weapons and vehicles at his disposal, he would be a formidable force indeed.

As humorous as this little blunder might be to us gamers, we are in no way making light of the terrible situation in Syria. Any armed conflict brings about terrible consequences, and we can only hope that action is taken to bring about a peaceful resolution and effectively end the bloodshed.