I’m a hugely overzealous fan of Tribes: Ascend, so it brings me great pleasure to write about a fresh face in the world of online multiplayer shooters that have a dedication to speed and z-axis tactics. The newcomer is ShootMania, which as its name suggest, is developed by Nadeo (the folks behind TrackMania) and Ubisoft. The titles intent is to minimize the number of weapons in place for consistent gameplay and to have a heavy presence in the e-sports scene as a team-based tactical shooter.

While unreleased, ShootMania has already hosted the Op3N ShootMania tournament at the Gamers Assembly in Europe this year, and will be broadcasting a second tournament via TwitchTV from the Ubisoft booth beginning June 1 at E3. Live shoutcasters will include gaming greats such as John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, Joe Miller, and Sean “Day 9” Plott.

You’ll also notice the word Storm appearing here and there, which represents the first of three maps to be released with ShootMania and can be seen in the trailer below. Two other maps will join Storm post-release, the second being the snow-laden environment Cryo, and the third has yet to be revealed.

Beta registrations are underway and can be accessed at the official ShootMania website. No specific date has been announced, but Nadeo assures us the title will launch sometime this year.