Unless you’re still seething with anger over the controversial ending, the new content being released for BioWare’s blockbuster role-playing epic Mass Effect 3 should come as welcome news. It’s been just over two months since the game hit shelves and it has seen two downloadable content packs, the single-player add-on From Ashes and the multiplayer expansion Resurgence DLC pack. As of today, fans of the game will not only have a third DLC pack, but also a substantial patch issued to correct some lingering issues with the game.

Like all expansive role-playing games full of branching paths and moral choices, Mass Effect 3 has its fair share of bugs, glitches and unintended gameplay oddities in both the campaign and multiplayer modes. This latest patch fixes some of the most prevalent ones, such as facial movements not synchronizing correctly with dialogue, glitches in the cover system, difficulty level not matching what the player selected and mission-specific bugs that halt progress. In my own playthrough of the campaign, I came across a handful of the bugs that occasionally forced me to restart a checkpoint, so it’s good to see further improvements made.

Many of the fixes in this patch cover the multiplayer mode, which has expereicned a number of reported issues since the game launched. Some of these issues include lag between enemy waves spawning, host migration issues that cause players to start in odd places, getting stuck and being rendered immobile in the environments, unresponsive weapons and hit detection and difficulty logging back in after being booted out of a game. All of these have been patched and there are plenty of other issues that have also been addressed.

A post in the BioWare forums lists all of the issues that have been fixed in this patch, the majority of which cover the Xbox 360, Playstaition 3 and PC versions inclusively. Some of the fixes are platform-specific and these are also covered. For fans of the game who hope to get more out of the mutiplayer, these should rectify some of the frustrations they have been experiencing, while future patches will hopefully iron out any wrinkles that remain.

Speaking of multiplayer, the other big news in the Mass Effect 3 universe is the release of the Rebellion DLC pack. This provides additional multiplayer content, and it includes two new maps, three new weapons and six new playable characters from varied classes such as Engineer, Vanguard, Soldier, Sentinel, Adept and Infiltrator. Additionally, this DLC pack includes added objectives that occur during cattered enemy waves, including high priority packages that  gets randomly dropped. The launch trailer below gives you a taste of what the Rebellion has to offer.

The Rebellion DLC pack was released on May 29, 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC in North America, with the European release taking place the following day is free of charge for whose who have redeemed their Online Passs.



  1. omfg they still didn’t fix the checking downloadable content screen sorry ethernet cable you gonna get way more attention than needed

  2. the vorcha soldier with super health regen kicks ass if you spec him for tanking. throw on a wraith and let the flames rip.

  3. no new ending will fix this game for me the indoctrination theory still sucks and the DLC ending they will release will make minor changes to the ending. all i wanted was a ME2 style ending with two outcomes
    1. you prepare for the war and you win
    2. the choices you made and lack of prep make you lose and a ending narrated by anderson tells the tale of humanities demise at the hands of the reapers. – or something like that.
    very simple and it would please the fans more that what they done

    • well, I guess 2 ending are still better than one. It really should have been their chance to give us a wide variety based on the big choices we made before. They don’t have to make it fit into the start of a new game, so basically it could have been anything goes.

  4. i dont give two sh*ts about mp. How about Husking everyone involved in the ending and starting from scratch. And its simple A: win B: lose.

  5. This DLC is BS…I bought this game, this series for single player…not Multiplayer…I have COD for that. When are they going to release some Omega Takeback DLC, or better yet…an entire game with Aria as the main character! At least in FanFic land I get the ending I want…but come on Bioware/EA this is NOT Call of Duty…Mass Effect should ever have ventured to be multiplayer, and it is a mistake to think you can treat this like another COD.

  6. Here’s something EA and Bioware don’t seem to understand: most people bought ME3 for the single player story.

    If I wanted multiplayer, I’d have bought one of the hundreds of online shooters with zero storylines that EA and other companies routinely churn out every month. CoD, Battlefield, GoW, TF2, CS, Halo, L4D, etc. those games do multiplayer far better than ME3 ever will.

    So really, WHO CARES? Bioware dropped the ball with the ending on this. Kthxbye.