A game about giving loot to alien companions who turn the items into parental figures. An interactive M.C. Escher experience. A point-and-click whose stunning visuals are as awe-inspiring as the places explored in it. There’s been a lot of weird going around RipTen lately, and Back to Bed is here to add to more.

Created by a group from The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU) going by the name of Team 1UP, Back to Bed is a puzzle game where you guide a sleepwalker named Bob to a bed by helping him navigate various pits, cliffs and things that threaten to wake him from his narcolepsy induced state. What makes the game particularly odd is all the aesthetics. The character you control has a dog’s body, but Bob’s face. You point this strange man-pup to change the field that Bob lets himself be tossed around by. Using green apples, you make Bob change his path to make sure he ends up resting comfortably on the bed instead of running into the various obstacles in the game.

The world leans heavily on surrealist art, with melting clocks, winged bowler hats, and a desert landscape serving as a background to the narrow planks and checkered floors of Escher inspired platforms. Add to all this that the narrator’s Danish accent as he speaks English is twisted by some vocal effects and backwards talking, and this hypnagogic little title continues the curious trend of eccentric video games that have been popping up around the site.

You can play the game in your browser or download the executable for Mac and Windows at no cost here.

via[Free Indie Games]