Our friends at Raptr have a number of new rewards for MMO arena fighter Lost Saga, hosted in North America by OGPlanet.

For those that haven’t yet experience the game, there are over 40 different characters from across history, including knights, boxers, cowboys, ninjas and pirates. The game plays similarly to Super Smash Bros., and based on the videos I watched, it can get pretty chaotic. If you’re looking for a free-to-play MMO that is more action and instance oriented, you might want to give Lost Saga a try.

If you’re a Raptr user, the first prize in this series only requires you to be “Newbie” level in the game. By Raptr standards, this means that once you load it up and it hits your account, you should be eligible for a Starter Pack, which includes two Treasure Capsules (random prizes including bonus items, tokens, upgrades, and more) and a Hero Scroll that temporarily adds one of the game’s heroes to your roster.

You can check out the reward page here.