I’ve decided to share with the world my quest to obtain all the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Idol cards.

For a full written list of the cards I have collected so far, look below!  Feel free to try scanning the cards off the video into your Kid Icarus: Uprising game, though I’m not sure how well it will work.

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Collection So Far:
E3 2011 Pit
E3 2011 Palutena
E3 2011 Medusa
PAX Prime 2011 Pit
PAX Prime 2011 Palutena
PAX Prime 2011 Medusa
Comic-Con 2011 Pit
Comic-Con 2011 Palutena
Comic-Con 2011 Medusa
AKDE-001 Pit
AKDE-002 Palutena
AKDE-003 Fiend’s Cauldron
AKDE-005 Medusa, Queen of the Underworld
AKDE-008 Dark Lord Gaol
AKDE-009 Gaol
AKDE-010 Three-Headed Hewdraw
AKDE-011 Hewdraw Head
AKDE-013 Great Reaper
AKDE-014 Goddess of Calamity, Pandora
AKDE-016 Dark Pit
AKDE-017 Poseidon
AKDE-018 God of Death, Thanatos
AKDE-019 Thanatos (Transformations 1)
AKDE-020 Thanatos (Transformations 2)
AKDE-022 Space Pirate Captain
AKDE-025 Three Sacred Treasures
AKDE-027 Medusa (Battle)
AKDE-029 Hades
AKDE-074 Exo Tank
AKDE-084 Royal Blade
AKDE-085 Optical Blade
AKDE-086 Samurai Blade
AKDE-093 Orb Staff
AKDE-096 Ancient Staff
AKDE-098 Flintlock Staff
AKDE-107 Brawler Claws
AKDE-109 Hedgehog Claws
AKDE-119 Divine Bow
AKDE-120 Darkness Bow
AKDE-121 Crystal Bow
AKDE-129 Burning Palm
AKDE-130 Needle Palm
AKDE-132 Cursed Palm
AKDE-133 Cutter Palm
AKDE-141 Babel Club
AKDE-142 Skyscraper Club
AKDE-146 Halo Club
AKDE-152 EZ Cannon
AKDE-156 Fireworks Cannon
AKDE-157 Rail Cannon
AKDE-164 Standard Orbitars
AKDE-165 Guardian Orbitars
AKDE-169 Paw Pad Orbitars
AKDE-170 Jetstream Orbitars
AKDE-178 Electroshock Arm
AKDE-180 Drill Arm
AKDE-181 Bomber Arm
AKDE-188 Monoeye
AKDE-189 Wave Angler
AKDE-191 Keron
AKDE-192 Gyrazer
AKDE-193 Shemum
AKDE-195 Skuttler
AKDE-197 Skuttler Mage
AKDE-202 Syren
AKDE-203 Shrip
AKDE-204 Porcuspine
AKDE-205 Belunka
AKDE-207 Coral
AKDE-209 Monolith
AKDE-211 Specknose
AKDE-212 Commyloose
AKDE-214 Fire Wyrm
AKDE-215 Shildeen
AKDE-220 Stackjaw
AKDE-221 Minos
AKDE-223 Mega Mussel
AKDE-225 Reaper
AKDE-226 Shelbo
AKDE-227 Zuree
AKDE-228 Orne
AKDE-230 Eggplant Wizard
AKDE-234 Girin
AKDE-235 Leox
AKDE-237 Petribomber
AKDE-239 Vakloom
AKDE-240 Sinistew
AKDE-244 Pluton
AKDE-247 Remoblam & Remoblamling
AKDE-250 Shootfly
AKDE-253 Erinus
AKDE-254 Guttler
AKDE-255 Fort Oink
AKDE-267 Space Pirate
AKDE-269 Space Pirate Commando
AKDE-328 Rare Treasurefish
AKDE-323 Centurion Knight
AKDE-329 Souflee
AKDE-403 Pit (Rally Cry)
AKDE-404 Palutena (Rare)
AKDE-407 Dark Pit (Flying)
Series 1 Info Card


For Sale/Trade
E3 2011 Packs (Pit, Palutena, Medusa) = 7
@Game Magazine Packs (Pit (Rally Cry), Goddess of Calamity, Pandora, Samurai Blade) = 4
Nintendo Power Packs (Poseidon, God of Death, Thanatos, Medusa (Battle) = 4
GameStop Packs (Eggplant Wizard, Fiend’s Cauldron, Skyscraper Club, Fireworks Cannon, Minos) = 4 sealed, 2 open.
Club Nintendo Packs (Palutena (Rare), Drill Arm, Great Reaper) = 7
AKDE-001 Pit = 1
AKDE-002 Palutena = 1
AKDE-010 Three-Headed Hewdraw = 1
AKDE-020 Thanatos  (Transformations 2)
AKDE-165 Guardian Orbitars =1
AKDE-170 Jetstream Orbitars = 1
AKDE-191 Keron =1
AKDE-197 Skuttler Mage = 1
AKDE-223 Mega Mussel = 1
Series 1 Info Card = 5