More titles have been added to Nintendo‘s digital shops!

3DS eShop
Rayman (Game Boy Color Virtual Console) ($4.99) – Play through over 70 levels in the Game Boy Color Rayman title.  Game Boy Color Virtual Console releases two weeks in a row?  Wow!

Kakuro by Nikoli ($4.99) – Over 50 Kakuro puzzles for gamers to enjoy on the go.

Order Up!! (Demo Version) (FREE) – Take orders and prepare customers food while also trying to build up your own restaurant.

DSiWare (& 3DS eShop)
99Seconds (200 Points / $1.99) – A retro style title where the player must modify time (slowing, stopping, and going back) in order to avoid obstacles.

Wii Virtual Console
Metal Slug 3 (Neo Geo Virtual Console) (900 Points) – The arcade style action shooter is back! Enjoy blasting your way through many stages and don’t forget to invite a friend to help out for co-op fun.

Check out screenshots of these titles below!

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