I recently reported that Silicon Knights could bend Epic Games over the coals and win a whole dollar in their lawsuit. In the preceding few days I have not completed a law degree, so I can’t really comment on the specifics and legalese of the content of the case, but I can tell you the results. In a laundry list of claims against Epic, Silicon Knights failed to detail to an acceptable degree the actual monetary loss resulting from the licensing issues with the Unreal Engine. SK stated Epic, in simple terms, took advantage of their system to underhandedly beat out competition by ensuring their title would be in an advantageous state. Epic supposedly made using the engine more difficult than it should have been and SK thinks Epic was outright “sabotaging” it’s licensees.

It would seem the jury does not agree with this. Epic wins. The end. Mark Rein, Vice President and Co-Founder of the studio had this to say via Twitter:

SK rolled the dice and not only did they crap out – they crapped out. Epic’s counterclaims were accepted and awarded by the jury totaling more than just a dollar. SK now owes Epic a paltry sum of 4.45 million. To make matters worse, they may also be held responsible for reimbursing Epic for all of it’s court costs. While I’m sad to see things swing this way for personal reasons, (I love Too Human and Eternal Darkness) justice is served through due process and hopefully this mess is more or less off the radar. Epic’s general council Jay Andrews stated “We are delighted with the jury’s verdict and all of the hard work done by the Hunton & Williams legal team”.

So there you have it Silicon Knight fans. Time to let those dreams slowly fade away.



  1. Silicon Knights were claiming that Epic were (basically) sabotaging their licensees while simultaneously using that income to fund their own, better games. Effectively poisoning the market so that only their product stands out.

    I think a good counterargument would be a list of games made with the Unreal3 engine that wasn’t released by Epic. Many, many games, many of which did quite well. It sounds like SK are either whinging because their games didn’t do so well, or there was some specific intercompany spat.

    Either way SK should be beating their lawyer for telling them they had a good case.