First, an apology for missing the last two weeks of Geeked Out. Besides being swamped with summer plans, my body also decided mid-flight to Rhode Island that it really didn’t like the east coast. Hence, through my Rhode Island trip I came down with some sort of mutant flu.

Anyway, I’m back… with an apology Geeked Out.

Splitreason recently featured an awesome Skyrim-themed shirt for all your stealth-related needs.

I’m not exactly the stealth type when playing the Elder Scrolls games. I’m one of those fools who like jumping right into battle with a sword and shield. None of that sneaky-Khajit-in-the-corner-with-a-bow business.

Still, I guess I can relate to the strength of that play-style. Many a time I’d have certain parts of the game that I’d get stuck at, simply because there’s an overwhelming number of enemies to try and kill. On the other hand, my girlfriend, who plays as the stereotypical sneaky-Khajit, can crouch and shimmy her way through tough parts of the game with no problem. Even though that involves moving painfully slowly through dungeons at times, it sure beats the crap out of re-doing a dungeon over and over again.

Splitreason’s Skyrim-stealth shirt features the the “hidden” and “detected” sides of stealth in the game. From the front, your shirt shows that your detected, but from the back you appear to be well-hidden. Oh, and the shirt glows in the dark when you’re actually IN the dark.

Unfortunately, Splitreason’s out of any of the reasonable sizes for shirts. I guess we’ll just have to wait until the next shipment comes in. Otherwise, maybe you’re in need of a nightgown?