Now this is how you make a compelling trailer. Gone is the overly sexualized, short shorts wearing Lara Croft. In her place is a survivor, thrust into a hellish situation, scraping the rock with her fingernails for her very life. This newest trailer, after a period of utter silence about the title, shows what Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have in mind for the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise.

Nathan Drake has nothing on this Lara Croft, and I cannot wait to take this game for a spin next week at E3. The action looks intense with intricate platforming elements, intense (wo)man vs. nature moments and even some bullet time-infused shooting segments. The set pieces look to rival the best that Naughty Dog has thrown at us in the Uncharted series, and seems to eschew Drake’s wit in favor of a more desperate, thrilling mentality.

It seems that Crystal Dynamics isn’t shying away from violence, as the trailer opens up to show one of Lara’s friends victimized and murdered. From there, you get a sense that the villains of this story aren’t exactly nice people. This is definitely going to be a more mature take on the character, bringing the franchise firmly into this generation (just in time for the next one).

Tomb Raider finally has a launch date, and will be arriving on March 5, 2013.