It has… BEGUN! One thing is for certain as E3 Week gets underway, I’m going to have to change my email notification tone when this is all over, because I’m already cringing at how many times it’s gone off in the early hours of Day 1. Atlus sent a trio of emails announcing new titles and providing early looks in both still and motion forms.

Zeno Clash II

If the first Zeno Clash’s story wasn’t weird enough for you, take a trip back to Zenozoik as Ghat, with all new RPG elements and a lock-on feature to help with the first-person fisticuff action. Additionally, the game will feature drop in/drop out online co-op play. The second player will take on the role of Ghat’s sister Rimat. Enemies and characters from the first game will be joined by all new bizarre creations.

Zeno Clash II will be arriving in 2013 for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network and Steam.



The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

It’s elementary that Atlus would pick up Frogware’s The Testament of Sherlock Holmes. The title will bring one of the greatest detectives of all time into the HD era for a mystery thriller for the ages. Holmes has been accused of theft and forgery, is acting erratically and players must guide him (along with Watson, of course), through the twists and turns of the case. The adventure title will feature investigation and interrogation as players try to puzzle through the perplexity.

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes arrives on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this September.



Code of Princess

You got some RPG in my beat ’em up! You got some beat ’em up in my RPG. Much like Reece’s Peanut Butter cups, this combinations seems to be a very interesting blend; tasty, even. Code of Princess, coming for the Nintendo 3DS  this fall, will blend the elements of old-school side-scrolling brawlers with customization options typically reserved for RPGs.

Four players will be able to play together via the Nintendo Network or locally, either taking on the baddies cooperatively or duking it out competitively. As is typical for Atlus, pre-orders will come with a soundtrack and art book.


Check out screenshots of all three titles below.